Written by David Tristram and presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd., The Opposite Sex is a comedy around two unhappy marriages, packed with insults, adultery, blatant sarcasm and shocking infidelity.

COLD Theatre 7 had been heavily involved in productions since March 2016 when rehearsals commenced for ‘Peter Pan’ and it continued till November 2017, when ‘12 Angry Men’ & ‘12 Angry Women’ was finally over. It seemed like a very long period and the team definitely needed a break. This was when the troupe also wanted to deviate slightly from the norm and attempt something different – something light. Kevin started it off by first selecting a comedy and then did one better by selecting a script which had just four cast members. Both these were quite new, because COLD Theatre 7 was associated with mysteries and huge casts.

Speaking about the play, Kevin said “Although I enjoy comedies, I prefer the mystery genres. I like the suspense I can create in plays. However, when I read The Opposite Sex by David Tristram, I thought that with this script I can get people to laugh because it certainly made me laugh.” The play certainly made people laugh alright and it certainly was a new experience for COLD Theatre 7. Will COLD Theatre 7 re-visit comedies in future? Only time will tell…

Dates16 – 18 November 2018
VenueLionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo 07
Directed byKevin Cruze

MarkShehan Wijemanne, Wayne White
JeanetteKavitha Gunesekera
VickySulochana Perera
DerrickWasaam Ismail

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  • Andrew Bartholomeusz
    Posted 01 September 2021 1:15 pm 0Likes

    Brilliant choreography and performance. Such an amazing showcase by local talents. Not forgetting the Director itself Kevin for an outstanding production 👏🏼👍🏼. Looking forward for the next one. Never missed any and never going to miss any. All the very best.

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