Presented by St. Joseph’s College in collaboration with COLD Theatre 7 and featuring St. Bridget’s Convent, through special arrangement with Music Theatre International. A timeless musical, based on a children’s novel by Sir J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan is the story of a free-spirited and mischievous young boy who can fly and never grows up, who spends his never-ending childhood having adventures on the mythical island of Neverland.

One of Kevin’s ambitions and the ambition of many members of COLD Theatre 7 was to stage a production for their alma mater St. Joseph’s College. Having learnt the A, B, Cs of theatre at St. Joseph’s and being involved in a musical himself during his schooling days, and now with two productions under his belt, Kevin and COLD Theatre 7 were ready to take on their next project and this time a project with St. Joseph’s College.

Although we were ready, it wasn’t quite clear as to what we wanted to do. The idea popped up at a random restaurant when the Vice President of CT7, Anuk De Silva, played the trailer of Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan and suggested to Kevin that this is something that CT7 could possibly consider. Kevin and Anuk were certainly in high spirits that day, and seeing how high Peter Pan was also flying on stage, they realised that they could make this show magical if they could pull it off.

Kevin Cruze and Geethika Cooray wanted to team up at some point, and a production for their alma mater looked like the best setting for them to come together as Director and Music Director. The decision was made to go ahead with the project in collaboration with St. Joseph’s College and St. Bridget’s Convent and to date, this project will go down as one of the most technically challenging productions that COLD Theatre 7 had ever staged. Little did Kevin know how technical the production was going to get towards the latter stages, and that is when he realised that the Theatre industry in Sri Lanka needed more professionals in areas such as lighting, special effects, sounds, designing, video mapping etc. Nonetheless, the magic of Peter Pan was not only what the audience saw on stage, it was also what COLD Theatre 7 witnessed behind the scenes. It’s the magic of how all these technicians came together to make Peter Pan what it was in December 2016.

From bringing together the current Joes, the Old Joes, the girls from St. Bridget’s and the non-Bridgeteens, to making them dance and Geethika Cooray making them sing, to figuring out how on earth to get Peter Pan off the ground to giving Tinker Bell life, Peter Pan – The Musical will to-date go down as the project that really tested COLD Theatre 7.     

Dates12 – 18 December 2016 (except 13 December)
VenueLionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo 07
Designed, Directed & Choreographed byKevin Cruze
Music Direction byGeethika Cooray
Peter PanDaniel Ferdinandusz, Leeth Singhage
Captain HookDulika Jayamanne, Reihan Stephen
Wendy DarlingJasmine Sherifdeen, Natalie Ranasinghe, Vinuri Weerawardana
Tiger LilyAyushka Nugaliyadda, Dinesha Senaratne-Cooray, Mihara Jayalath
John DarlingDiyon Hettiarachchi, Niven Nanayakkara
Michael DarlingDewvin Perera, Venuka Joseph
SmeeMichael Jayawardana, Shehan Wijemanne, Wayne White
Mrs. DarlingLiza De Jong, Siobhan Manuelpillai, Tahiri Perera
Mr. DarlingAnuk De Silva, Heshal Peiris, Wayne White
LizaSashya de Alwis, Tayhani Kannangara
JaneCassandra Pinto, Sashya de Alwis, Vinuri De Silva
Grown-up WendyLiza De Jong, Kavitha Gunesekera, Shonaka Ranatunga, Trudy Herft
CrocodileChathrika Lashan, Treshan Waas, Yanik Müller
NanaAlbun Croos, Dilushka De Mel, Shenuk Jayaweera
The CompanyAchintha Wanigasekara, Albun Croos, Alec Weerasinghe, Anuk De Silva, Aritha Bandara, Ayushka Nugaliyadda, Brenden Hakel, Cassandra Pinto, Chathrika Lashan, Daniel Ferdinandusz, Daniel Waas, Darren Hakel, Devon Perera, Dewvin Perera, Dillon Abraham, Dilmi Perera, Dilushka De Mel, Dinesha Senaratne-Cooray, Diyon Hettiarachchi, Dulika Jayamanne, Geethika Cooray, Harshana Rathnayake, Heshal Peiris, Inuli Subasinghe, Jasmine Sherifdeen, Joel Goonetilake, Joshua Fernando, Kevin Stephen, Leeth Singhage, Liza De Jong, Lovindu Maithriwardena, Michael Jayawardana, Mihara Jayalath, Natalie Ranasinghe, Nayantara Guneratne, Nethmi Perera, Niven Nanayakkara, Prashith Fernando, Reihan Stephen, Reshwan Perera, Roshane Jayampathy, Sashya de Alwis, Shamara Rajendra, Shania Smith, Shayan Mendis, Shehan Dias, Shehan Wijemanne, Shenuk Jayaweera, Shonaka Ranatunga, Siobhan Manuelpillai, Tahiri Perera, Tarun Perera, Tayhani Kannangara, Thanu Jayawardena, Treshan Waas, Venuka Joseph, Vinuri De Silva, Vinuri Weerawardana, Wayne White, Yanik Müller

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