12 Angry Men is a drama written by Reginald Rose concerning the deliberations of the jury of a homicide trial. The play, featuring an all-male cast, was adapted by Sherman Sergel and presented in special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company, Woodstock, Illinois. In true CT7 spirit to ‘innovate and surprise’, as well as in the typical twist associated with the dynamic theatre troupe, the production also saw the concurrent staging of 12 Angry Women with an all-female cast.

In 2017, one thing was certain – COLD Theatre 7 was not going to do two consecutive musicals. Hence, it was decided to do a straight play and there were two titles under consideration. One was ‘12 Angry Men’ and the other was ‘The Woman in Black’. ‘12 Angry Men’ had a gripping storyline and the other was a Horror genre. Since ‘12 Angry Men’ was also slanting towards a Murder Mystery genre, Kevin was thinking of something different, and hence, ‘The Woman in Black’ was considered.

Nonetheless, COLD Theatre 7 wanted to try out something different. The troupe wanted to know what the audience and the general theatre goers thought of the options available. So CT7 conducted an online survey requesting the general public to decide what they preferred. The responses were very encouraging and it was interesting to see that most of the individuals who took the survey voted for ’12 Angry Men’ and what was more interesting was the number of females who voted for this title too. Kevin started off doing it differently by getting the audience to decide what they wanted to see and looking at the number of responses, especially from the female population, something else was cooking in Kevin’s head. He decided to continue to do things differently. He announced his next play – ‘12 Angry Men and 12 Angry Women’, thus ensuring that the primarily all-male cast had an all-female version too

The play featured some of the finest Actors and Actresses in the English Theatre industry in Sri Lanka and COLD Theatre 7 was indeed privileged to have them involved in the production. 

Dates16 – 19 November 2017
VenueLionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo 07
Directed byKevin Cruze

Juror #1Mahesh Senaratne / Neidra Williams
Juror #2Avishka De Alwis / Celina Cramer-Amit
Juror #3Amesh De Silva / Shanuki de Alwis
Juror #4Mohamed Adamaly / Nadishka Aloysius
Juror #5Rukshan de Soyza / Sashya de Alwis
Juror #6Jehan Bastians / Shania Smith
Juror #7Biman Wimalaratne / Saranie Wijesinghe
Juror #8Anuk De Silva / Bimsara Premaratna
Juror #9Jerome L. de Silva / Mokshini Jayamanne
Juror #10Stephan Anoj Wijayaratne / Kavitha Gunesekera
Juror #11Dulika Jayamanne / Liza De Costa
Juror #12Heshan Perera / Piorina Fernando
JudgeJehan Aloysius / Tracy Holsinger
AssistantWasaam Ismail / Mayanthi De Silva
Ensemble CastNigel Wayne White, Cassy Rebecca Pinto, Harshana Rathnayake, Hashen Ratnayake & Haseeb Hassen

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