COLD Theatre 7 is currently seeking volunteers for the following roles:

Event Coordinator

We are seeking a talented and motivated Event Coordinator to organise outstanding and unforgettable events for our audiences. You will be responsible for every part of the event preparation, such as drafting project plans, suggesting ideas/concepts, working with internal team members, external vendors, meeting deadlines and be responsible for the end-to-end executing of the event.

As the Event Coordinator, you should be well-organised and be able to work under pressure. Since there are multiple stakeholders, teams and departments involved, excellent communication skills (English) and attention to detail are vital for this role, as our success depends on executing the project with the assistance of many individuals. 


We are seeking a creative Copywriter who can craft textual content and be responsible for providing:

  • Promotional material (Advertisements, Social Media posts, Souvenirs etc.) 
  • Well-researched blog articles related to theatre
  • Update content on the COLD Theatre 7 website

The ideal candidate will need to research and be on top of the current requirements in the theatre industry and understand the needs of the audience to better support all written content. They will also play a vital role in brainstorming sessions and assist in other aspects of the creative process.

Web Developer

As the COLD Theatre 7 Web Developer, you will be responsible for designing, building and enhancing our existing website. Key tasks will include maintaining the appearance of the website, creating new pages, uploading content and overlooking all technical aspects. 

You will also be required to explore avenues on how to build a payment gateway for visitors to purchase branded items via the COLD Theatre 7 merchandise shop. Moreover, you will be expected to share your expertise as a developer and contribute towards enhancing user experience.

Graphic Designer 

We are seeking an experienced Graphic Designer to join our team. You will be designing a wide variety of things across online and offline media. You will be responsible for designing posters, website content, production logos, brochures, magazines, souvenirs and other collateral to communicate ideas and information visually. As part of the team, you will be required to attend meetings, brainstorm ideas and understand the exact requirement which will assist you in coming up with the best concept required. 

Video Editor

We are looking for a talented Video Editor to join our busy production team. As a lead Video Editor, you will be responsible for assembling recorded film and video footage, applying artistic editing techniques and creating finished, broadcast-worthy projects that accurately reflect the vision of the Artistic Director or COLD Theatre 7.

To ensure success as a Video Editor, you should have knowledge of modern video editing techniques, be able to visualise directorial concepts and work according to a strict time schedule. You should also be able to translate a Director’s idea into a beautifully crafted film, video piece, a trailer or a promotional material, worthy of broadcasting.

Applicable to all roles:

  • As a member of COLD Theatre 7, your role will not be limited to the tasks listed above. You will also be required to be a part of the wider team and get involved in productions, which we assure you will be quite fun. ☺
  • As COLD Theatre 7 is an amateur theatre troupe, we cannot offer our volunteers remuneration for their work. We can however guarantee any involvement to be valuable work experience and recommendation letters can be issued upon request.
  • Please note that all applicants must be 18 years or older to be eligible for the above roles.

Keen to join us? Please send in your resume to with the interested role mentioned in your email.